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EmunaHealing Courses for Women

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Workshops and Courses offered
One Time Workshops and Guest Lectures (details below)
  • The Healing Power of the Shema Yisrael
  • The Three Archetypal Fears
  • Introductory EmunaHealing Workshop
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General EmunaHealing Courses (details below)

  • EmunaHealing Course 1.
  • EmunaHealing Course 2. 
  • Spiritual Protections from Negative Energy and Ayin Hara (Evil Eye)
  • Kabbalah and Spiritual Self-Healing Course 1 
  • Kabbalah and Spiritual Self-Healing Course 2 
  • Kabbalah and Spiritual Self-Healing Course 3

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One Time Workshops and Guest Lectures
The Healing Power of the Shema Yisrael שמע ישראל
(2 hours)
The Shema Yisrael Prayer is a verbal mikvah, pouring into every level of our souls and aligning us to the truth of Hashem's Oneness, purifying doubt and the temptation to believe that there is anything in the world that is separate from Hashem. In this learning session we will delve into mystical Torah texts on the roots and deeper meaning of the Shema Yisrael prayer, and get a glimpse of why the Shema Yisrael Prayer is like a seed that contains the entire Torah, an alchemical formula directly to G-d. The workshop includes guided meditations and Spiritual Healing techniques such as spiritual energy balls, and how to access the power of the Shema Yisrael Prayer to nullify negative energy and entering Hashem’s light into a space.

The Three Archetypal Fears (2 Hours)
This workshop includes definition of spiritual, emotional and physical energy blocks, and how to overcome these energy blocks by means of tools for spiritual, emotional and physical health. The Workshop focuses on fears as spiritual blockages. Through appropriate Torah texts we learn about the underlying traumas Israel went through due to the three major exiles, which respectively brought about the three primal fears. We will learn how the archetypal fear of the wolf, lion and serpent each correspond to a body part and a group of Sefirot. The workshop also comprises spiritual tools for overcoming the primal fears including a practical guided meditation.

Introductory EmunaHealing Workshop

(2-4 hours)
This introductory workshop teaches the essential principles of EmunaHealing – a method, accessing the inner light within us by removing exterior layers, the klipot which block Hashem’s life-giving energy from flowing freely within all the parts of our psyche, emotions, and organs. Through spiritual healing we can unblock negative energy and infuse each part of ourselves and the people we treat with Hashem’s light. In addition, EmunaHealing promotes spiritual growth and closeness to Hashem.

Not everyone is destined to treat others, yet we all hold the key to self-healing. In addition, every mother has the ability to heal her family and children through the power of her connection with them. Learn practical tools for healing yourself and your family through connecting with Hashem’s light inherent in your own neshama. Learn new tools for healing and wellbeing through strengthening your emunah, letting go and allowing Hashem to act in your place.

General EmunaHealing Courses
of 5-6 two hour sessions 
(Individual classes can be selected for a one time guest lecture) 
EmunaHealing Course 1.
(10 hours: 5 meetings of 2 hours each)
Learn part one of the complete EmunaHealing technique in an organized form with the goal of becoming a practicing EmunaHealer. The Course includes:
  • Clarification of how EmunaHealing works
  • Torah sources on spiritual healing
  • Learning to open the spiritual channels, mastering the Basic Prayer based on Derech Hashem by the Ramchal used in EmunaHealing Techniques for identifying underlying spiritual blockages that prevents us from reaching our goals
  • Technics for removing spiritual and emotional blocks, and how to attract your ideal marriage partner, generate parnassa and possibly overcoming infertility Practice in the emunah-way of removing spiritual blockages through tefilah and energy work.
  • Guided meditations (visualizations) connecting you to the light of Hashem and empowering you to manifest your hidden potential
  • Spiritual healing exercises such as energy balls technique to remove spiritual blockages, and clearing the energy in a room or of an object by means of prayer formula. 

EmunaHealing Course 2. 
(10 hours: 5 meetings of 2 hours each)
If you are interested in developing your ability to heal others or perhaps even one day using EmunaHealing professionally, the second part of the complete EmunaHealing Course is essential. In the second part of the course you will receive more practice and confidence in your EmunaHealing, as well as learning new spiritual healing tools.

The Course includes:
  • Identifying and opening blockages that prevent women from attracting their true marriage partner
  • Relationship Therapy
  • Identifying and treating allergies and sensitivities
  • Identifying and treating viruses
  • Specific tools for treating headaches, ADD, Learning disabilities, and negative thought pattern.
  • The importance of Positive Affirmations and how to formulate them.
  • Spiritual and emotional Healing through using the energies of the Sefirot
  • Additional guided Meditations (visualizations) connecting you to the light of Hashem and empowering you to manifest your hidden potential

Spiritual Protections from Negative Energy and Ayin Hara (Evil Eye)
Four Part EmunaHealing Course
  • The Evil Eye (Ayin Hara) in the Torah 
  • Spiritual Protections against Ayin Hara and Negative Energy 
  • Ritual Healing with the Magen David (Star of David) 
  • Dream interpretation and amelioration according to the Torah 
  • Learn Torah sources on the power of the human eye to send energy 
  • Practice spiritual healing exercise to send positive energy from your eyes 
  • Participate in guided visualizations to protect yourself from negative energy 
  • Learn about the spiritual significance of the Magen David throughout the ages 
  • Practice spiritual healing exercises that access the protective power of the Magen David 
  • Study dream interpretation techniques from the Talmud 
  • Practice dream journaling and dream interpretation 
  • Learn to recognize secrets about your own psyche through your dreams

Kabbalah and Spiritual Self-Healing Course 1
  • The Ten Sefirot of Healing Part 1
  • The Ten Sefirot of Healing Part 2
  • The Sefirot versus Chakras – Differentiating between Jewish and Eastern Healing
  • Spiritual Forgiveness Workshop
  • Spiritual Perspective on Anger and Anger Management
  • The Powerful Healing of Verbal and Non-verbal Prayer 

Kabbalah and Spiritual Self-Healing Course 2
  • Melody and Music in the Torah and their Therapeutic Effect
  • Colors and Healing Crystals in the Torah
  • Angels and Spiritual Protections
  • Dream Interpretation in the Torah
  • The Kohanim Blessing and its Spiritual Healing Power
  • Torah and Astrology

Kabbalah and Spiritual Self-Healing Course 3
  • The Secret of the Ten Fingers in Spiritual Healing
  • The Healing Light of Candles in the Torah
  • The Torah of Eating – Elevating the Sparks
  • The Torah of Eating Part 2
  • Medicinal Plants in the Torah and how to use them
  • Tapping into the Spiritual Energies of the Hebrew Month and Holiday

EmunaHealing Workshop and Course Testimonials
“Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed yesterday's class and how much I am looking forward to the series. It has already infused me with a little bit more light and I look forward to more inspiration and healing, B”H!” (Shira)

“I went through a personal illness and was able to apply the EmunaHealing tecniques to get in touch with the underlying emotional and spiritual causes of the illness, and to heal myself.” (Devorah)

Yasher Koach! Your teachings continue to reverberate and grow within us. Some of us have already practiced EmunaHealing a bit and have witnessed its enormous power to heal, even at our beginning levels.

We also really loved the Wed. night teaching on the three primal fears. It was profound and tied together understandings in new ways that made tremendous sense and I believe it is of great importance both on personal as well as societal/civilization levels. I wish we had recorded it so I could listen to it again. We also really liked the 3 metal meditation with the Magen David shields. It’s a powerful meditation.

“The Emunah Healing Course has really enriched my life, I feel much more in touch with my neshama and closer to Hashem” (Yehudit)

“I’ve been an energy healer for many years, and the EmunaHealing has given me new tecniques and inspiration to apply to my healing work” (Meira)

“I really enjoyed your class; it helps me to understand how Hashem manifests himself through me. It allowed me to focus on the ideas and thoughts that I need to focus on such as Hashem's love and rachamim and his presence in this world.” (Sandra)

“I wanted to let you know, before Shabbat, that going over and over the Emuna Healing class replay from last week is bringing me so much joy. I have been studying Kabbalah with several teachers for several years, and your first class brought together many, many things I've absorbed. Things are coming into perspective and making a lot more sense as I listen to your teaching. It is so exciting!” (Flora)

“Thanks so very much for all the work you are putting into this class for us!” (Mia)

“BH’ Thank you so much for your online classes. Wow your insights of the spiritual wisdom of our physical bodies are amazing. Bless the favor you walk in and I look forward to listening in on future classes. If I may just have a bit of your time to understand what the scanning your Sefirot exercise revealed for me. I appreciate your discernment.” (Angela)

“Dear Teacher!
It was wonderful! Thank you for all the energy and time spent in preparation I know an endeavor of this kind takes to do. I "felt the link"--- an umbilical cord of sorts from my phone line to yours! Baruch HaShem! happy to continue with the teleconference the way it is and with a grateful heart!!! I really like having the recording to listen to with Drop Box. Much love and appreciation,” (Barbara)

“I want to thank you for the wonderful lessons. I wanted to give you a praise report which I sincerely believe manifested as a result of this week’s meditations you taught us…” (Bracha)

“I had the opportunity to use the prayer in the middle of the night with one of my kids who didn't feel good and was having a lot of anxiety over it. I tried natural measures --massage, talk, aromatherapy, bach remedies, tea -- to sedate and calm her nervous system, to no avail. Then I remembered the prayer you taught us. Next time I will bezras Hashem say this prayer certainly calmed ME down...anyway eventually we breathed together and both fell asleep.... (Chana)

“Thank you so much for the class, it was wonderful and very healing. I prefer the phone conference- call because I can relax and take notes and focus on listening to you, rather than having to look at the computer screen at everyone.” (Sharon)

“It was, as always, a unique and uplifting experience to hear your Torah... The many varied sources you utilize make for a rich, well-rounded, and thorough learning experience. When I first heard about the Emunahealing work you do, I must admit that a part of me was wary and skeptical, but I see that there is nothing phony or self-serving about it. Rather, your Emunahealing, and the general goings on at the Midrasha, are a more whole way of inculcating Torah, engaging aspects of our world and ourselves which are too often neglected.” (Rachel)

“I must tell you that I really found your course on ayin harah and protection to be fascinating. Your course was mind-opening and very meaningful, and I would highly recommend it for people who are spiritually inclined.

Thank you so much in advance! May you truly be blessed for all your amazing work.” (Hannah) 

A subgroup of class participants are arranging to meet on a monthly basis to support each other in learning and practicing EmunaHealing. Maybe we could arrange for you to Skype in if the timing works.

We look forward to your next visit (and hope that you will pursue a webinair). I would surely sign up if you decide to offer it! (Shoshanna)

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Cancellation Policy

All payments for any of our Emunahealing  courses are considered a donation to support Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin’s Holistic Torah in Israel and ma’aser money may be used to pay for the courses.  As such, once you commit to a course the payment for the course is considered like any other donation to our seminary.  Even if you decide to withdraw from the course, your payment simply remains a donation.
All online courses are recorded and you will receive the recording each week for your personal review, or if you missed a class, you can catch up with the course at a convenient time.

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