Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Intensive Summer Emunah Healing Workshop

Emunah Healing Workshop (Jewish Energy Healing)
With Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum

Envision Reaching Your Full Potential
Mend Challenging Relationships                                  
Unravel Negative Thought Patterns  
Nurture Your Inner Child  
Actualize Your Goals & Clear Spiritual Blocks
Heal Childhood Wounds                                       
Learn practical healing tools through strengthening your emunah and connecting with Hashem’s light inherent in your own neshamah. Learn to let go and allow Hashem to act in your place, in order to engender healing and wellbeing. The workshops include:
·         Clarification of how Emunah Healing works
·         Torah sources on spiritual healing
·         Learning to open the spiritual channels, mastering the Basic Prayer based on Derech Hashem by the Ramchal used in Emunah Healing
·         Guided meditations (visualizations) connecting you to the light of Hashem
·         Spiritual healing exercises such as energy balls technique to remove spiritual blockages, and clearing the energy in a room or of an object by means of prayer formula.
·         Techniques for indentifying underlying spiritual blockages
·         Techniques for couple therapy through Emunah Healing
·         Practice in the emunah-way of removing spiritual blockages through tefilah and energy work.

What is Emunah Healing?
Emunah Healing is the Torah way to heal ourselves and others by accessing Hashem’s healing light within us. In Hebrew the word for creation – בריאה, and for health – בריאות share the same root – ברא. The state of our health depends on the extent to which we allow Hashem to recreate us every moment. Therefore, the key to health is removing exterior layers, the klipot which block Hashem’s life-giving energy from flowing freely within all the parts of our psyche, emotions, and organs. Emunah Healing is method that facilitates us to identify and remove these klipot by unblocking negative energy and infusing each part of ourselves and the people we treat with Hashem’s light through tefilah and energy work. Not everyone is destined to treat others, yet everyone can learn to heal themselves and their family. In addition, Emunah Healing promotes spiritual growth and closeness to Hashem.

How do I know it is kosher?
Many religious Jews who have had experience with energy healing are concerned that these systems are not based on Torah, and therefore, they may not be spiritually pure. Ilan and Sandy Feldman of Ramat Beit Shemesh decided to purify alternative energy healing from its non-Jewish elements and create a Torah/Emunah based system of energy healing, channeling Hashem’s life-giving power. This system of spiritual healing is endorsed by Rabbi Berkowitz of Aish HaTorah. Rebbetzin Chana Bracha, endorsed by the Biala Rebbe, Rabbi Ben Zion Rabinowicz of Biala-Lugano and Rabbi Lazer Brody has been trained in Emunah Healing by Chana Luke. Rebbetzin Neustadt the daughter of Rabbi Ezrial Tauber, said about Emunah Healing, “This is the healing of the Geulah!”

Who is Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum
Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum, a native of Denmark, is Founder and Director of Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin: Holistic Torah Study for Women on the Land. She holds a Bachelor of Education in Bible and Jewish Philosophy from Michlala Jerusalem College for Women, and a Masters of Art in Jewish History from Touro College. Rebbetzin Chana Bracha began her practice of spiritual healing, spring 2010, after having studied and apprenticed with Chana Luke for almost 10 years. For more than two decades Rebbetzin Chana Bracha has practiced spiritual counseling to women of all ages in Israel and the United States. She creates curricula emphasizing women's spiritual empowerment through traditional Torah values. In 2010 Rebbetzin Siegelbaum published her first book, Women at the Crossroads: A Woman's Perspective on the Weekly Torah Portion which was reviewed in the Jerusalem Post and various other publications and has sold worldwide. She has a married son and several granddaughters, and lives with her husband and younger son on the Land of the Judean hills. Beyond being a Torah scholar, Rebbetzin Chana Bracha is a strong female role model for many women. 

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