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Spiritual Healing Through Emunah, Tefila and Energy Work
This system of spiritual healing has proven successful in dealing with issues of health, parnassa, shalom bayit, relationship with one’s children, ayin hara, (evil eye), ADD, headaches, eating disorders, coping with addiction and more. The principle of Emunah Healing is to connect with and reveal the inner light within us and remove exterior layers, the klipot which block Hashem’s life-giving energy from flowing freely within all the parts of our psyche, emotions, and organs. Each person is enveloped by auras (הלות), which may get blocked by negative energy. Through spiritual healing we can unblock the negative energy and infuse each part of ourselves and the people we treat with Hashem’s light. Deep healing takes place by connecting with Hashem’s light within our neshama, allowing Hashem to guide us to understand the root of our problems and ailments. Through focused prayer and energy work, we will remove spiritual blockages that stand in the way of receiving perfect healing. Guided imagery and insightful counseling empowers you to overcome fears and insecurities, in order to implement healing changes on your life routines.

Endorsements and Qualifications
Originally called “The Eight Sense,” this approach to spiritual healing was developed by Ilan and Sandy Feldman, Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel and endorsed by Rabbi Yitzchak Berkowitz, Rosh Kollel, the Jerusalem Kollel (Eish HaTorah). Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum, has been trained as a spiritual healer with Chana Luke, a student of Ilan Feldman) for several years. Chana Bracha Siegelbaum is the founder and director of Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin, Holistic Torah Learning for Women, and author of Women at the Crossroads: A Women’s Perspective on the Weekly Torah Portion. She began her successful practice of spiritual healing in spring 2010. For more than two decades Rebbetzin Chana Bracha has practiced spiritual counseling to women of all ages in Israel and the United States. She creates curricula emphasizing women's spiritual empowerment through traditional Torah values.

Sessions and Courses Offered:

Individual Emunah Healing Sessions
One hour sessions include identifying underlying emotional and spiritual roots of current problem, energy work to remove the underlying blockages, guided imagery, insightful counseling, positive affirmation, and assignments of spiritual exercises according to need.

Introductory Emunah Healing Workshop
Learn practical tools for healing yourself and your family through connecting with Hashem’s light inherent in your own neshama. Not everyone is destined to treat others, yet we all hold the key to self-healing. In addition, every mother has the ability to heal her children, through the power of her connection with them. Learn new tools to heal yourself and others through strengthening your emunah. Learn to let go and allow Hashem to act in your place, in order to engender healing and wellbeing. The 2 hour workshop includes clarification of how emunah healing works, learning to open the spiritual channels, analyzing the Basic Prayer based on Derech Hashem by the Ramchal used in emunah healing, guided meditations connecting you to the light of Hashem, and spiritual healing exercises such as energy balls technique to remove spiritual blockages, and clearing the energy in a room or of an object by means of prayer formula.

10 Sessions Emunah Healing Workshop
Learn the complete Emunah Healing technique in an organized form with the goal of becoming a practicing Emunah Healer. The course includes Torah sources on spiritual healing, techniques for indentifying underlying spiritual blockages, practice in the emunah-way of removing spiritual blockages through tefilah and energy work.

New on-line 5 Week Course
Spiritual Healing from the Torah (EmunaHealing)
August 19th –September 23rd  Noon-2 PM EST
  • Kabbalah & Spiritual Self-Healing
  • Tapping into the Spiritual Healing Energy of the Month of Elul
  • The Ten Sefirot of Healing
  • The Sefirot versus Chakras – Differentiating between Jewish and Eastern Healing
  • Spiritual Forgiveness Workshop
  • Spiritual Perspective on Anger and how to deal with it
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I came to Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum complaining of severe persistent headaches for the last three weeks. She suggested that the headaches were connected with a blockage caused by communication problems with a teenage child, with whom I had indeed experienced a lot of tension. During the session, we discussed the problem at length, coming to some deep and practical solutions. Afterwards, Rebbetzin Chana Bracha used guided imagery to help build my self-image and receive the spiritual and emotional strength to implement the solutions. She also worked on healing the root of the problem through energy work, removing fears and traumas energetically. I left the healing session feeling healed both energetically and psychologically. Sure enough the headaches went away, and my relationship with my teenage child improved. (Rebbetzin Batya Kohn, Bat Ayin)

The tipul, (spiritual healing session) was incredible and made a huge impact in some place deep inside my heart, right close to my core. I dealt with issues I had since a very early age, and being the sensitive person I am, it has been in my heart for a very long time, not being quite completely healed. I think it has made it easier to deal with situations or people that make me feel insecure or not good enough. And that is a huge thing, to me. I really deeply appreciate what you have done for me. There is still a lot of room for growth and healing, but I think there has been a tremendous amount of headway so far. I hope to get another tipul in the future. May you continue successfully to do more tipulim, with me and with others who can benefit from your healing gifts! (Malka)

Rebbetzin Chana Bracha’s spiritual healing helped me in a way that I could never imagine myself. Reasons for emotional and physical issues that affected my life negatively on a daily basis were found within my childhood. Already after the first session, they were uprooted and healing was done within the spiritual framework of the holy Torah. I immediately felt relieved and cleansed. I did not expect any of this to happen. I got more energy and balance the next day. I don't know how this happened or how the Rebbetzin did it, but I know it works and I would suggest it to anyone who feels the need for inner healing. (Esther)


  1. Is it possible to film sessions from the Emunah Healing Workshop for people outside of Israel. Or maybe a movie online or a dvd sold separately on what you are teaching in these workshops?
    Suzanne Scheiner

  2. I hope to produce something like this and bring it on my upcoming USA tour this February.
    Are you interested in helping to host me in Boca?
    I think Yocheved is tied up, perhaps you can speak to her as I need some help organizing things to make it possible for me to come to Boca again.

  3. Yes Febe 5 check out the event on our website

  4. Do you work with men? If not, whom would you recommend?

  5. Rebbetzin, I want to thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in your online Emunah Healing course last year, and encourage all your followers across the world to sign up for it this year. You have put together a very coherent and accessible program that is deep, and yet easy to follow with your guidance. I feel much better equipped to pray for healing for myself, my family and others now. Your charts and meditations are a blessing I will not outgrow in my spiritual life.