Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Nature in the Parasha

Easy access links to Rebbetzin Chana Bracha's parasha insights

The Book of Bereshit
Parashat Bereshit: Life Lessons from the Shemittah Year
Parashat Noach: The Dove and the Olive Leaf
Parashat Lech Lecha: From ‘Valley of the Fields’ to the ‘Dead Sea’
Parashat Vayeira: Avraham’s Hospitality Tree
Parashat Chayei Sarah: Discovering the Camel Connection
Parashat Toldot: Re-digging the Wells of Tradition
Parashat Vayetze: The Secret of the Dudaim Deal
Parashat Vayishlach: The Weeping Oak
Parashat Vayeshev: The Grapevine Dream
Parashat Miketz: The Menorah Shaped Sheaves
Parashat Vayigash: Shepherding: The Traditional Jewish Vocation
Parashat Vayechi: The Deer Sent Forth

The Book of Shemot
Parashat Shemot: The Burning Bramble Bush
Parashat Va'era: The Late Blooming Grain
Parashat Bo: The Self-Restrained Dog
Parashat Beshalach: The Bitter Tree Sweetener
Parashat Yitro: The Mountain – A Window to Heaven
Parashat Mishpatim: The Sabbatical Year & Blessings of Redemption
Parashat Terumah: The Multicolored Unicorn
Parashat Tetzaveh: The Mystical Turquoise Colored Snail Fish
Parashat Ki Tisa: The Holy Anointing Oil
Parashat Vayakhel-Pekudei: The Crimson Creating Creature

The Book of Vayikra
Parashat Vayikra: The Levona Spice
Parashat Tzav: The Twilight Ram
Parashat Shemini: The Pig of Return
Parashat Tazria-Metzora: Plants of Purification
Parashat Acharei Mot-Kedoshim: Ingrained Giving
Parashat Emor: The Problem of Pet Sterilization
Parashat Behar: The Redemptive Secret of the Yovel Year
Parashat Bechukotai: The Desolate Land from Desert to Bloom

The Pesach Torah Reading: The Hyssop Paintbrush 

The Book of Bamidbar
Parashat Bamidbar:The Whisper of the Wilderness
Parashat Naso: The Barley Offering: Mistress or Mastery
Parashat Beha’alotcha: The Celestial Cloud Covering
Parashat Shlach L’chah: The Secret of Challah
Parashat Korach: The Time-Lapse Blossoming
Parashat Chukat: The Perfect Mother Cow
Parashat Balak: The Donkey Vision
Parashat Pinchas: The Cryptic Caper Bush
Parashat Matot/Masai: The Weeping White Broom Bush

The Book of Devarim
Parashat Devarim: The Lyre Shaped Kineret Sea of Galilee
Parashat Va’etchanan: Longing for the Land
Parashat Eikev: The Seven Fruits of the Land of Israel
Parashat Re’eh: The Shoulder of the Land
Parashat Shoftim: Does the Torah Permit Tree-Hugging?
Parashat Ki Tetze: Is Sending Away the Mother Bird an Act of Compassion?
Parashat Ki Tavo: How Can We Relate to the Mitzvah of Bikkurim (First Fruits) Today?
Parashat Nitzavim: Uprooting the Bitter or Making it Sweet?
Parashat Vayelech: Why is this Land Flowing with Milk and Honey?
Parashat Ha'azinu: Blessed Droplets of Torah
Parashat V’Zot Habracha: The Land of Paradisiacal Blessings

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