Monday, February 13, 2017

Life Lessons from the Rebbetzin’s Heart

As we begin a new cycle of Weekly Torah readings, I thought this year to do something very different; to share with you concepts from my heart, issues and matters that I care deeply about, that I will try to tie to each of the weekly Torah portions.

The Book of Bereshit
Parashat Bereshit: Taking Responsibility for our Actions and their Effect
Parashat Noach: The Human ‘Group Animals’
Parashat Lech Lecha: My Journey Back Home
Parashat Vayishlach: Dealing with Death
Parashat Vayechi: The Blessings of Rebuke

The Book of Shemot
Parashat Shemot: How Do We Strengthen our Emunah in the Hope of Fruitfulness?
Parashat Va'era: The Challenge of Communication
Parashat Bo: Is there any Spiritual Difference between Jew and Gentile?
Parashat Beshalach: Miracles, Money Matters, Manna and Emunah
Parashat Yitro: How do we Know that the Torah is True?
Parashat Mishpatim: Does the Torah Look at Women as Sex Objects?
Parashat Terumah: To Give or not to Give?
Parashat Tetzaveh: Do We Need to Wear Black Polyester Skirts for Modesty?
Parashat Ki Tisa: What is the Difference between Spirituality and Holiness?
Parashat Vayakhel: Shabbat Guides for the Meticulous Woman
Parashat Pekudei: Tribal Gemstones

The Book of Vayikra
Parashat Vayikra: Picking Up Hashem’s Calls even in the Taxi
Parashat Tzav: The Poor Man’s Offering
Parashat Shemini: When EmunaHealers and Shamanic Hebrew Priestesses Meet
Parashat Tazria: Time to Clean Up Our Speech
Parashat Metzora: Spiritual Spring Cleaning
Shabbat Pesach: Pesach – The Holiday for Extended Family Celebration
Parashat Acharei Mot: Pesach – Living by the Law of Covering our Nakedness
Parashat Kedoshim: Coming Out of Pesach and Keeping the Flames of Holiness Burning
Parashat Emor: The Controversy of Women and Counting the Omer
Parashat Behar: Why We Deserve This Land
Parashat Bechukotai: In Which World Do We Receive Our Ultimate Reward?

The Book of Bamidbar
Parashat Bamidbar: The Brotherhood of Physical and Spiritual Warfare
Parashat Naso: Turning Competition and Jealousy into Unity and Peace
Parashat Beha’alotcha: Turning Our Sparks into Flames that Keeps Burning By Themselves
Parashat Shlach L’chah: Trusting in Hashem’s Protection “Under the Vine and Under the Fig-Tree”
Parashat Korach: Past Life Regression and Korach’s Soul Rectification
Parashat Chukat: Does Juice Fasting Help Maintain Health and Alleviate Cravings?
Parashat Balak: Do Our Eyes Have Power to Effect Reality?
Parashat Pinchas: Does Pinchas Serve as a Model for ‘Price-tag’ Activism?
Parashat Matot: The Vows of Vegetarianism and Peace
Parashat Masai: Appreciating Our Promised Land

The Book of Devarim
Parashat Devarim: 
The Blessings of Rebuke
Parashat Va’etchanan: Do We Need to Make a Favorable Impression on the Gentiles?
Parashat Eikev: How Does the Torah Require Us to Treat Converts?
Parashat Re’eh: Was Jesus a Kind Spiritual Healer or a False Prophet?
Parashat Shoftim: Fostering Fruit Friendships
Parashat Ki Tetze: Whom Do we Benefit by Dressing Modestly?
Parashat Ki Tavo: Why Do We Need to Tithe the Produce of the Holy Land?
Parashat Nitzavim: Returning to the Root of Our Existence
Parashat Vayelech: What is the Purpose of the Aging Process?
Parashat Ha'azinu: Why Did Our Parents Leave the Path?
Parashat V’Zot Ha’BrachaThe Blessings of Blessing

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